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Asami Core Box

Asami Core Box

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Asami has experienced more pain in her years than most people are capable of enduring in a lifetime. Following an attack on her family shrine, she lost not only her father, but also her fertility, and with it the hope of escape from a life of debilitating loneliness as a solitary temple attendant. Mortally wounded, she heard the voice of Amanjaku calling to her, promising her revenge if she would only allow it to possess her body. In her moment of weakness, she agreed to the oni’s deal and was filled with its bestial powers. Feeling that her mortal form was unsuitable for his purposes, Amanjaku twisted Asami’s body into something more useful, causing a ravenous maw to split open the back of her head, a constant reminder of the insatiable hunger she felt for the life she had lost and the child she so desired. When she unleashes her power, Asami’s long hair twists into prehensile tendrils and takes on a life of its own, tossing her allies where she wants them and latching onto her enemies and drawing them in to be consumed. The flesh and bones of those she devours are repurposed into the new bodies for Amanjaku’s faithful servants. The oni sense Amanjaku’s mark upon their “mother” and obey her wishes, and for a time, she experiences a fraction of the love that a mother feels for a child… as well as the grief of watching them torn apart as their physical forms fail them and send their souls careening back to the Beyond. Asami knows that Amanjaku is a dangerous creature with sinister goals, but thus far, the deceitful little oni has managed to manipulate her with promises of giving her a real child of her own. She does not trust the oni, but with the extensive changes it has already worked upon her body, who is to say that repairing her is beyond its power? With few other allies to whom she could turn, Asami allowed herself to be recruited by the Ten Thunders, who hope to use her demonic strength for themselves. Asami, for her part, cares little for the Ten Thunders and is merely following their orders in order to gain access to their Charm Warders and spiritualists, any of whom might hold the key to freeing her from Amanjaku’s terrible influence.

Primarily working as a conduit for the Oni to pass into Malifaux, Asami acts as a summoner within Third Edition. While her Oni are powerful, they also are limited by their ties to the plane of Malifaux, represented by Flicker Tokens. Each of these Oni, using their From Beyond Ability, can gain these Flicker Tokens over time to gain powerful benefits to their Actions. However, should they ever have more than three tokens, the model flickers away and is removed from the game.

Keyword: Oni

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Asami Tanaka



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